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Successful business owners from around the world collaborate within this amazing community.

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What We Do

At WOW, we combine two of the most important aspects of networking to help you grow your business.


You network to get in front of more people and Speed Networking ensures you are meeting and connecting with as many people as possible during the hour-long event, making the most out of every minute you are networking!


A supportive collective of experienced business owners who come together to help you succeed!

B.S. Wednesday is a judgement free, mini-mastermind session where you can ask for advice and talk through ideas or challenges you are facing in your business.

We Meet.

All of our events have been created with you in mind.

We want to give you the networking experience that is missing from your life.

We understand the importance of hosting an event that you feel comfortable attending.

There’s none of the pressure that exists in other networking organisations because we know that genuine relationships are not built that way.

We know that meeting new people and making new connections is essential for the growth of your business and all our events are designed to support you in doing exactly that.

We Grow.

You won’t find those monotonous sixty-second pitches that most people really hate doing!

No matter which of our events you come along to, the emphasis is on you building solid foundations to nurture those all-important business relationships.

We want you to succeed, we want to promote you, support you and help you achieve your goals.

Whether it’s business or personal, we’ve got you!

We believe that the two shouldn’t be separated because you are the person behind your business.

We don’t just care about your business, we care about you!

Ready To Build?

Come and join The WOW Web Network, the home of no-nonsense networking, we promise you will love it!

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We encourage you to show up authentically without feeling as though you need to behave in a certain way and we celebrate everybody’s individuality.


“ This is by far the best online networking that I have ever been to!

Such an incredible community within the group, I love it! ”

My Story

The WOW Web was founded in 2020 by Nadine La Reine.  Having been on the networking scene for some years Nadine could see there was a gap in the market for something a little different.  

There are some incredible networking organisations around, unfortunately, a lot of them have a very high price tag attached to them along with a huge time commitment.

Nadine wanted to create an environment that is accessible to everyone, regardless of an individual’s financial situation and that didn’t take up too much time;  Time and money being the commodities that are most crucial to small business owners.  

Events that were short, sharp and to the point and without some of the ‘pomp & circumstance’ that goes hand in hand with business networking.

A platform that serves as the catalyst to spark those all-important new connections.

A community that listens to the members and is designed to encourage, support and promote.

And so The WOW Web was born!