About The Founder

My Story

An Essex girl born and bred and living by the sea who has been on the networking scene for some years now.  (I know I don’t look old enough right?!)

Single mum of two not-so-little cherubs now who both have more than their fair share of additional needs, life is never quiet for me!

I began hosting networking events in 2018 as part of a bigger team and decided that I quite liked it and was pretty good at it!  When my time with this team came to an end many people were asking me when I was planning on setting up my own events.

Now, this was right in the middle of lockdown when none of us really knew our arse from our elbows and had no clue what was going on in the world around us!

What better time to launch a new project if not in the midst of a global pandemic!

Never the kind of girl to do things by halves I decided to give it whirl!

I’d been thinking about starting up some speed networking events in my local area, you may remember that time when loads of people used to get together in a room, shake hands, hug and air kiss their way through a real-life, in-person event, handing out business cards and leaflets that had been touched by someones else’s hands!

Now we were being confined to our homes it obviously wasn’t going to come to fruition,   however, I am not someone who is easily beaten!    So I decided to see how this concept of speed networking would lend itself to the online world.  I set up The WOW Web Facebook group when I couldn’t sleep one night and began inviting a few people I knew.

In less than 24 hours the group was into triple figures and I was gobsmacked at the constant stream of people joining!

I planned the first speed networking event for the following week and was yet again surprised when lots of people said they were coming.  It was a success!  As the weeks went by the group rapidly grew and the weekly networking events were very well received.  Everyone was telling me how much they loved the events, how they were completely different to anything they had been to before, how a lot of the meetings they usually go to they found boring.  This made me very happy!

It was my plan to create something that was totally different!

How Are We Different?

There are undoubtedly some incredible networking organisations around, unfortunately, a lot of them have a very high price tag attached, along with a huge time commitment.  Not only that, some, by no means all, are a bit dull!  The same people, the same pitches, the same formats, just very ‘samey’.

I wanted to do something that was totally different to anything else that was currently available,  I thought if I was looking for something else, other people might be too.  I also wanted to create a environment that is accessible to everyone, regardless of an individuals financial situation and that didn’t take up too much time; Time and money being the commodities that are most crucial to small business owners. 

Events that are short, sharp, and to the point and without some of the ‘pomp & circumstance’ that goes hand in hand with business networking.

A platform that serves as the catalyst to spark those all-important new connections.

A community that listens to the members and is designed to encourage, support, and promotes.

A place without a tonne of ridiculous rules which leaves people not knowing what they could or should be doing.

It soon became apparent that this was a very popular concept!

Everyone loved it!

And what started out as just a small little thing I set up, unexpectedly and very quickly turned into something huge!  It was at that point I decided to put into place some other ideas I had (I always have a lot of them, my head is a very busy place!) and launch The WOW Web Exclusive!

An affordable way of networking with a lot of extra benefits to give members superb value for money!

We all network to meet people, to connect, and build relationships, we don’t really want to be spending a huge amount for the privilege of doing so, and what I offer ticks all of these boxes!  I always strive to do the absolute best at anything I put my mind to, helping other people is what I am passionate about (often to my detriment as I put everyone else before me!)

But it's what makes me happy!

Getting to know people, supporting others, and generally being a decent human being!  I would love you to join this awesome community of business owners from around the world, yes, not just the UK, we’ve gone global!  

Online networking has made the world a smaller place, don’t miss out!  I promise you will love it!

Feedback & Reviews

“Thank for you all of the support and kindness on the zoom call tonight. I really enjoyed it and thank you for being awesome Nadine La Reine.”

Alice Clover


“To all the awesome WOWwers who pushed me into finally extracting my digit re the Murder Mysteries venture – THANK YOU!! And as ever mega-thanks to Nadine for setting this amazing group in motion.”

Clare Gibson Giraud

“A very jazzy and fun networking this am with Nadine La Reine and lots of amazing people, how many 45 beautiful business! Thank you Nadine La Reine!”

Helene Musso

Self-confidence Coach, Mentor, and Speaker