Our Exclusive New Updated Membership!

Being in business is full of the highest highs and the lowest lows, sometimes at a rate of change that can be overwhelming to manage on a day to day basis.

Networking can be your security and support!

The WOW community is filled with some pretty awesome business owners covering a multitude of industries. Together we have decades, actually centuries (some of us are getting on a little) of experience to share, which is exactly the kind of real life stuff that has the power to be so impactful.

What I’m saying is, our network is not all about sales and marketing, it’s a family.


For £40 a month, you get;

    • All 4 events of  SPEED Networking
    • x 1 monthly Wednesday event: B.S. Wednesday
    • LinkedIn Profile Review
    • 10% discount on LinkedIn Marketing Packages
    • Facebook Group Business Promotion Package
    • Weekly email with content prompts and accountability
    • Create & Promote events in the group
    • Go live anytime
    • Post anytime
    • Member Spotlight Interview
    • Broadcast simultaneously to thousands
    • One per quarter
    • Half-price advertising on WOW website
    • WOW VIP Privileges package;
    • 24/7 telephone and online GP service and prescription service
    • 24/7 dedicated telephone counselling service and mental health advice
    • Access to an interactive app to improve mental health resilience
    • Virtual gym classes for all abilities & discounted gym membership
    • Discounted eye care & nutrition advice
    • Virtual physiotherapy & discounted health insurances
    • Newborn advice
    • Elderly care advice
    • Over 4,000 shopping discounts from major retailers, including major supermarket brands
    • Money advice, credit score advice, and debt help
    • Discounts on travel money & international payments
    • Free monthly lottery to win £1,000
    • Discounts on holidays and days out
    • 40% off cinema tickets

I’ve spent time looking at what other organisations offer to determine exactly what new benefits WOW could bring to business owners which aren’t commonly seen anywhere else. 

I’m so delighted to have formed collaborations which enable me, through the new WOW membership options, to offer comprehensive packages which empower everyone, on an individual, personal level to be totally cocooned in goodness; catering for you, the person and you, the business owner.

Benefits which encompass your entire wellbeing, ensuring you can be on top form with the ability to seize your business and progress exactly in the way you envisage yourself doing.

It’s all too easy to forget that behind every business, is a person!

I’ve never known any other networking organisation to offer so much! And the welcome bag is just the right mix of fun and useful!

Ready To Join?

You’re probably thinking that this is all going to have a pretty hefty price tag attached to it, however, you would be very wrong!

The WOW Web Exclusive SUPPORT membership package is incredible value with multiple payment options to suit everyone, prepare to be WOWED! 

It’s a bit of a no-brainer really because you get such incredible value when you join the membership, no other networking group can offer this much!

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Exclusive SHINE
Exclusive SUPPORT
Exclusive SUCCESS
Pay-as-you-go £10 £40 £199.99
VALUE £339 £67.50 £135 £339
Speed Networking £10 per event 1 event per month 4 events per month 4 events per month
B.S Wednesday £10 per event £10 per event 1 event per month 1 event per month
Advertise on our website £10 per month £10 per month £5 per month £5 per month
Facebook Group Business Promotion Group specific days, no event creation Post, go live, create events anytime Post, go live, create events anytime Post, go live, create events anytime
Member Spotlight Interview £25 10% discount £22.50
LinkedIn Profile Review £50 Included FREE Advanced FREE In-depth FREE
Linkedin Marketing Package No discount £199 monthly 5% discount £189 monthly 10% discount £179 monthly
WOW VIP Privileges Package £5 per month £5 per month
SAVING £57.50 £95 £140
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