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Brand New For 2023

I am very excited to share that the WOW Web Network is ready to offer even more support & resources to business owners.

When I first launched WOW back in one of the many lockdowns early in 2020, it was with the intention of providing business owners with affordable & accessible networking events.

The world was a shaky place back then and despite the difficulties being faced at the time, remaining visible through great value networking was high on the agenda for many people.

As the end of 2022 is drawing to a close, there is still an element of unease and instability being experienced by the business owners I speak to on a daily basis.

The dawning of a New Year brings with it an air of expectant promise with new plans, goals & achievements to strive for at the forefront of our minds.

As each WOW year has passed, I have made it my mission to bring together like-minded people who are committed to not only their own personal success, but also offering support to help others.

All of what is now available through being a member of The WOW Web Exclusive is solely there through my own careful research, saving you precious time and money in having to do it all yourself!

What's Included In Our New Plans

Benefits which encompass your entire wellbeing, ensuring you can be on top form with the ability to seize your business and progress exactly in the way you envisage yourself doing.

I’ve thoroughly examined the current membership benefits, assessed which ones are being used and listened to feedback about what people really want to see included.

I am a little quirky myself (some say bat shit crazy but I’m going with quirky) and have always set out to make WOW a little quirky too. Providing something that’s a little different to everything else out there in the networking world.

I’ve spent time looking at what other organisations offer to determine exactly what new benefits WOW could bring to business owners which aren’t commonly seen anywhere else.

Which is why it’s time to improve the WOW membership and offer a variety of packages based on what you need the most, looking at not just the factors relating directly to business, but also the parts which affect you, the business owner.

Pricing Plans Compared

Membership Benefits

  • Non-Members
  • Exclusive SHINE
  • Exclusive SUPPORT
  • Exclusive SUCCESS
Exclusive SHINE
Exclusive SUPPORT
Exclusive SUCCESS
Pay-as-you-go £10 £40 £199.99
VALUE £339 £67.50 £135 £339
Speed Networking £10 per event 1 event per month 4 events per month 4 events per month
B.S Wednesday £10 per event £10 per event 1 event per month 1 event per month
Advertise on our website £10 per month £10 per month £5 per month £5 per month
Facebook Group Business Promotion Group specific days, no event creation Post, go live, create events anytime Post, go live, create events anytime Post, go live, create events anytime
Member Spotlight Interview £25 10% discount £22.50
LinkedIn Profile Review £50 Included FREE Advanced FREE In-depth FREE
Linkedin Marketing Package No discount £199 monthly 5% discount £189 monthly 10% discount £179 monthly
WOW VIP Privileges Package £5 per month £5 per month
SAVING £57.50 £95 £140
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