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We understand that your time is precious.

As a successful business owner, your time is your biggest commodity.

We totally get that you don’t want to sit on a meeting for hours on end when you’ve got a massive to-do list that you need to work through.

You want to network to make lots of new connections.

You need to do it in a time-efficient way. 

These are Zoom events with a difference!

Let us introduce you to Speed Networking!

These events are designed to create that initial spark!

You benefit from lots of new introductions.

You don’t waste any time with idle chit-chat.

You get in, you meet people, you get out!

Zoom Events That Make Sense

Ever wondered what happens with online speed networking?

Well here’s the WOW way!

You go into a Zoom breakout room with one other person for five minutes (sometimes there’s a cheeky threesome depending on the numbers!)

The beauty of this is that you get to have private conversations on a personal level without needing to speak in front of everyone at the event.

After five minutes, you’re simply moved into the next room and the next person for you to meet.

We use the entire hour to repeat this process so that you are getting the maximum value from your hour of networking.

After each event, you will receive the guest list by email so that you can connect and continue your conversations with those who caught your interest.

SPEED is the ultimate networking experience.

You network to meet as many people as possible.

These events give you the perfect opportunity to do just that!