The WOW Web Member Spotlight

Our Member Spotlight!

Would you like to showcase your expertise by being a guest speaker in our Facebook group of 1k of people?

Being a guest speaker is a great way to raise your profile and let everybody know how flipping fantanbulous and awesome you are!

I always make sure that guest speakers are well promoted across a tonne of different social media channels to help with really getting your name out there.

Get Free Business Promotion on Social Media!

This is available to everyone, not just exclusive members!

Ready To Promote?

It’s mega simple to book your Member Spotlight.

It takes place on a Friday at 10 am.

All you need to do is book your chosen Friday.

You’ll then get an email letting you know the info I need from you.

I’ll get it all set up and confirmed so it’s ready to share and promote.

Easy peasy!  

Click the link and let’s do it!

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