Our Member Spotlight!

Would you like to showcase your expertise in a live 1-2-1 interview?

Share insights into your life and your business, ask how each other can be of help, what connections you’re both looking for etc. You might tell stories, share funny experiences, laugh etc going with the flow of the conversation and whatever comes up.

Now imagine that the other person doesn’t want to share any information about themselves, all they want to do is talk about you. You as a person, what drives you, what’s important to you, what products/services you offer, how you serve your clients, what values you have etc., literally you, you and another dose of you!

Picture that online scenario where you get the opportunity to really showcase and highlight all the amazing things you get up to. The person you’re talking to is essentially inviting you to promote yourself, while you’re doing that, the session will be recorded.

This is streamed into The WOW Web group on Facebook which has over 1k people!  We also go live on LinkedIn, YouTube and The WOW Web Network page on Facebook! and profiles. All together it goes out to a whopping potential of 10k people! A total new audience.

You also have the ability to connect your own social media accounts to the livestream, so you can be broadcast in front of thousands more people.

In the run up to your interview, the person you’re talking to will be sharing this upcoming event with everyone across their social media so that there are people ready to watch you. You’ll be able to share it everywhere too and invite whoever you please to catch you chatting with someone who is invested in bringing out the best in you.

Being a guest speaker is a great way to raise your profile and let everybody know how flipping fantanbulous and awesome you are!

I always make sure that guest speakers are well promoted across a tonne of different social media channels to help with really getting your name out there.

After the event your recorded interview gets put onto a website for people to watch anytime, you could even put in on your own website too.

You get a recording and audio file from the interview which is yours to use as you wish across within your own marketing strategy.

It’s ready made promotional material which you can repurpose to your hearts delight. It’s great content which you don’t have to do a lot to attain, except for talking about all the things you love the most in your life, now how bloody cool is that! Yes, there’s a teeny tiny cost element. It takes time to create events, promote them, share them, all the various uploading and downloading, then there’s the actual time for good stuff, the chatty bit; which ranges from 30-60 minutes, depending on how much you have to say.

The regular price for incredible opportunity is only £25 and is very likely to be the very best form advertising you could choose to chuck a few quid at.

Get Business Promotion on Social Media!

Another perk for members of The WOW Web Exclusive!

Ready To Promote?

It’s mega simple to book your Member Spotlight.

It can take place at anytime to suit both of us.

All you need to do is book the date you would like your Spotlight to take place and payment will be requested if you are a non-member (if you are a member, please get in touch for a discount code).

You’ll then get an email letting you know the info I need from you.

I’ll get it all set up and confirmed so it’s ready to share and promote.

Easy peasy!  

Click the link and let’s do it!

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