The WOW Web Exclusive membership

Our Exclusive Membership!

It’s a bit of a no-brainer really because you get such incredible value when you join the membership that you will be amazed!

You get unlimited access to every WOW event!

That includes…

  • Midday Monday SPEED Networking
  • Midday Wednesday B.S. Wednesday
  • Guest Speaker Events
  • Discounted advertising
  • The Ultimate Networking Companion
  • Welcome Pack
  • Exclusive Earning Opportunity With Our Affiliate Plan

The Ultimate Networking Companion is genius! It’s really helped me keep track of all the new connections I make and remember where I met people!

I’ve never known any other networking organisation to offer so much! And the welcome bag is just the right mix of fun and useful!

Ready To Join?

You’re probably thinking that this is all going to have a pretty hefty price tag attached to it, however, you would be very wrong!

The WOW Web Exclusive membership is an incredible value with multiple payment options to suit everyone, prepare to be WOWED! 


Try a month at 50% off on us for only £10, with coupon code ‘WOW’ at checkout!

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