Once a Month Thursday 7-8pm

You know you need to be getting in front of more people.

You know you should give this networking thing a try.

But you’ve never done it before and you’re not really sure how it works.

You just want to chat to some more people but the word ‘meeting’ puts you off in some way.

You’re looking for something informal, where you can just rock up, be yourself and speak to some other adults.

We understand that business networking can seem a bit daunting to some people.

That’s why we have created our UNWIND event.

Informal networking with some fun and relaxation thrown in for good measure!

Not only is it a great chance for you to meet other people, but it’s also the perfect place to let off steam, kick back, and UNWIND.

How Does It Work?

Well here’s the WOW way!

Each week will be different, with an array of carefully selected special guests who are experts in their fields.

Music, comedy, mediation, quiz nights, EFT, self-care, food & drink, you name it, it all happens when we UNWIND.

Natural conversations flow much easier when we feel comfortable and relaxed.

Think of these evenings as a chance to get to know people on a more personal level.

An hour spent chatting with friends and gently ease into the upcoming weekend.

UNWIND is exactly that, a chance for you to let go of the stresses of your week, whilst making new connections.

You may learn something new, you may be entertained.

You will always meet new people, you will always have fun!

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