Watch out ladies, there's a new girl in town...and she means business!


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If you prefer female only networking, look no further!

I’m very excited to announce the launch of The WOW Women Networking Events!

It’s been on my mind to get this started for a very long time and scheduling the first epic event to take place on International Womens Day this year made perfect sense.

I love all networking, however, there is an undeniably different vibe with mixed gender networking compared to the ladies only variety.

There is something exceptional about a group of connected women who are all supporting each other, no matter what personal or business journey an individual is upon.

You cannot ignore the fact that other just kinda ‘get’ each other more, and let’s be honest here, we tend to have a lot on our plates each day!

Networking with women who understand and face similar challenges is extremely powerful and introduces elements of strength, courage, inspiration, motivation and empowerment that tend not to exist at the same level in mixed networking groups.

The WOW Women Networking Events

These new events will take place twice a month and the great news is that as well as the pay as you go option, they are also included in The WOW Web Exclusive Membership Packages!

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Members of The WOW Web Exclusive can enjoy these events for free as part of their membership.

Zoom Events That Make Sense

The WOW Web Network is a hugely supportive environment where you can connect with other successful business owners.

Ask for help with any issues you are facing and share your own experiences and knowledge to help others at these events.

Networking is a great place to find like minded business owners to collaborate with too.

Working together with others is not only more fun, you can achieve so much more by surrounding yourself with other people than you can by continually working alone.

Business can get tough, but you never have to get through it alone when you’re part of The WOW Web Network.